Permanent Mission of the Republic of Moldova to the United Nations

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UN documents on the illegal Russian military presence in Moldova

docs[198 Kb]
General Assembly document A72/193 of 18 August 2017

docs[148 Kb]
General Assembly document A/72/200 of 15 August 2017

docs[202 Kb]
GA and SC document A71997–S2017652 of 31 July2017

docs[27 Kb]
General Assembly document A/ 61/520 of 17 October 2006

docs[65 Kb]
General Assembly document A/C.1/53/6 of 22 October 1998

docs[9,61 Kb]
GA and SC document A 49/78-S/1994/195 of 18 February 1994

docs[9,22 Kb]
GA and SC document A/48 404-S/26452 of 16 September 1993

docs[9,28 Kb]
GA and SC document A 48/213-S/25962 of 17 June 1993

docs[113 Kb]
GA and SC document A 47/776-S/24931 of 09 December 1992

docs[284 Kb]
GA and SC document A/47/561-S/24690 of 20 October 1992

docs[210 Kb]
Security Council document S/24369 of 6 August 1992