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Tatiana Molcean attended the Session of the Council of Europe's Committee of Ministers

Tatiana Molcean attended the Session of the Council of Europe's Committee of Ministers
17 May 2019, Helsinki - In the year when we mark the 70th anniversary of the creation of the Council of Europe, it is important to emphasize that the participation of the states in the CoE statutory bodies must be in accordance with the status of the organisation approved at the founding. The statement was made by State Secretary, Tatiana Molcean, at the Ministerial Session of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe (CoE).

In her speech, State Secretary, Tatiana Molcean, appreciated the Council of Europe's support to the Republic of Moldova in its efforts to modernize and implement democratic reforms. The official also mentioned that the Republic of Moldova "will continue to attach great importance to the European Convention System and the European Court judgments in order to enforce the letter of law. This is not a fancy trend but a reality, a shared responsibility to which all of us shall contribute to ensure democratic security." The importance of monitoring and protection of human rights throughout the country, including and especially in the Transnistrian region, was emphasized, paying attention to the situation of schools with Latin-script teaching from the Transnistrian region.

The Ministerial Session endorsed a series of decisions on the Secretary General's Report "READY FOR FUTURE CHALLENGES – REINFORCING THE COUNCIL OF EUROPE", which states the importance of acces for CoE Commissioner for Human Rights to all Member States, including gray areas, in order to assess the human rights situation, the decisions on the rights and obligations of the Member States, as well as the decisions on the protection and promotion of the space allocated to civil society in Europe, ensuring the long-term effectiveness of the European Convention on Human Rights, cooperation between the Council of Europe and the European Union.