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Republic of Moldova calls the UN and regional arrangements to jointly support the removal of Russian military forces from the Moldovan territory

On December 6th, 2018, the delegation of the Republic of Moldova participated in a ministerial-level open debate, held by the UN Security Council on the cooperation between the UN and regional and organizations in the prevention and resolution of conflicts.

In his statement to the UN Security Council, the ambassador Victor Moraru emphasized that the lack of progress in the settlement of protracted conflicts in the post-soviet area, the continued illegal presence on the national territories of some member states require not only a more direct involvement from the appropriate UN bodies and regional organizations but also a common action that takes into account both the prevention and resolution aspects of the problems.

The ambassador also stressed that no conflict in the world should be removed from the attention of the United Nations, whether the conflict is on the Council’s agenda or not. The protracted conflict in the eastern part of the Republic of Moldova, a problem complicated by an illegal foreign military presence on the national territory, is one such conflict. With the adoption in June, 2018, of a resolution demanding the complete and unconditional withdrawal of Russian military forces from Moldovan territory, the General Assembly renewed the links between regional efforts, in this case OSCE, and the United Nations platform. The unconditional and full withdrawal of Russian military forces is essential for creating the prerequisites for conflict prevention and conflict resolution in the Republic of Moldova, he said.