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UNGA First Committee delegates briefed on the unlawful illegal activities by the Russian military forces in the eastern part of the Republic of Moldova

UNGA First Committee delegates were briefed on October 12, 2018, about the need for adequate transparency and control over the significant military potential retained by the unconstitutional power structures in the eastern part of the Republic of Moldova. The presence of heavily equipped unlawful armed forces in this part of Europe that are not subject to any democratic, constitutional or international control whatsoever remains a matter of deep concern for the Republic of Moldova and the neighbouring countries.

In his statement before the UN First Committee (Disarmament and International Security), the ambassador Victor Moraru drew the attention of the delegates on the recurrent unlawful joint military exercises involving the Russian military forces, stationed illegally on the territory of the Republic of Moldova and the transnistrian paramilitaries. These joint military exercises, which have lately increased in scope and frequency, as well as other unlawful and destabilizing military activities undermine international efforts aimed at the peaceful resolution of the protracted transnistrian problem and have progressively led to the worsening of the internal and sub-regional security situation.

The ambassador Moraru called for the resolute decrease of the military factor in the transnistrain region which entails, the most and foremost, the unconditional and complete withdrawal by the Russian Federation of its troops and armaments from the Moldovan soil, in accordance with its legal commitments under 1999 Istanbul Summit Outcome Document and in observance of its obligations under the International Law and the UN Charter.

He also underscored the Republic of Moldova’s expectations that a rule-based international system, with functional and strong institutions, would prevent the uncontrolled expansion of armaments, including in the conflict-prone regions, and would encourage transparency and concrete disarmament measures.